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5.12 health care,cherish life safety lecture

Source:JITE     Author:admin     Time: 2017-05-23

5.12 health care,cherish life safety lecture

To further strengthen the company's safety in production work, universal health ambulance and disease prevention knowledge, improve staff in the event of self-help, mutual awareness and ability, May 12, 2017, the company had invited experts from the Shenzhen Science Center to JITE Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to carry out "emergency ambulance health knowledge" special lecture.

The staff of the unit units of the company more than the staff and office management cadres attended the training. Training on the scene of emergency ambulance knowledge (artificial respiration, heat stroke first aid, trauma, hemostasis, electric shock and other self-help, save each other), how to do accidental accident and natural disaster emergency treatment, occupational disease prevention and improvement, office common disease prevention And improve the mental health of the workplace, the symptoms of epidemic infectious diseases and preventive measures, common prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and other aspects to explain. Training experts to conduct physical simulation, combined with communication, the entire training atmosphere is very active.

Through nearly 60 minutes of training, the staff have felt the benefits of deep, to understand the health care and disease prevention knowledge, mastered the health care skills, improve the quality of personnel, reduce the occurrence of accidents and economic losses, the company effectively to the lives of workers Health for the read, pay attention to the improvement of self-protection awareness, such training has practical value.