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China 2010 terminal market analysis report

Terminals usually refers to the copper material, etc by rush from the system of a connector contact. Connect the electrical wiring terminal is commonly used components, mainly in the device and components, components and cabinet, system and the electrical connection between subsystems and the role of the signals, and try to keep the system and the system does not occur between signal distortion and energy loss of change.

The most widely use terminals is one of electronic components, widely used in computer, telecommunications, network communication, industrial electronics, transportation, aerospace, medical devices and the auto industry, and other fields.
China's electronic components industry association material reality, the 2006 world terminal market more than 35 billion dollars. In 2006, to $39.9 billion. It is from the global development good trend. North America $10.2 billion demand, China 14.1 billion yuan. China in 2008 is expected to market capacity for 17.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22%. Computer, communication, and consumer electronics to terminal pull role growth.
Throughout China connect industry development, the development of the domestic industry early terminals and national defense construction has closely related. In 1950-1970, the production of major Chinese terminal by former ministry of electronic industry and aerospace industry subordinates enterprise and local state-owned enterprises to form, and the production of terminal is mainly used in radar equipment, communications equipment and navigation equipment, electronic measurement instrument, electrical equipment. 1980 years later, with the gradual development of electronic industry of China, terminal production gradually applied to black and white/color TV set and other consumer electronic products. Since 1990, China's foreign investment policy and in incentives to promote, China to Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United States, Japan, Europe the terminals of the enterprise have reinforced the investment to the Chinese mainland. Including AMP, MOLEX, BERG, AMPHENOL and other international well-known enterprise, terminal world terminals almost the production base most manufacturers transferred to mainland China. Foreign investment influx of directly helped China terminal industry of rapid development, China is engaged in production and processing enterprise terminals has developed to more than 600 (including foreign capital enterprise more than half), employees up to 200000 people.
According to relevant data shows, on May 4, 2010, terminal industry to a 3.9%, which reflect the market for its expected the growth of good. Recently released from listed company 2009 report of and performance forecast can find that most of the company in 2009 in the fourth quarter results are better than market expectations, most electronic components production, research and development company earnings growth in 2009 is better in 2008. Looking ahead to 2010 industry boom, from march to see, electronic components of the product exports still continue the good momentum.
At present, the terminals of the sort is more, used widely, mobile phone, PC, consumer electronics, automobile electronics, medical electronics, industrial electronics, etc are the important downstream. From 2010 in the first quarter, it seems, the terminals of the electronic components demand for picking up, and end products are becoming more diverse, the development prospect of the terminal industry more valued.
Because at present in our terminals on the market, mobile communication and Internet market continues to raising temperature, the next terminal has also appeared in a good situation of rising.
Today's electronic, the trend of the development of informatization, the development of more connectors industry create vast space. Because of home appliance, electronic information products, automobile, mobile phones and other manufacturing industries constantly transferring to China, China has become the world's largest home appliance, information products manufacturing center, consumer electronics, network design, communication terminal product yield is growing rapidly, so the product demand among terminal etc are growing fast, at present China has become a global terminal of the fastest growing market.
As industrial automation degree more and more high and industrial control demand more and more strict and precise, the dosage of the terminal gradually rise.
Famous brand on the market at present main Germany janjaweed miller, phoenix,, national enterprise mainly with Shanghai and chengdu international rick league. Chinese national enterprise that, Shanghai international product is domestic full-lined series, the authentication most, quality followed up Germany three brand.
At present, in electronic equipment used in the power supply terminals has become a trend, and power supply terminals device itself is in increase gradually, and can carry more power. As terminals volume change, they function of equipment in the importance of the show is outstanding, and to ensure that the products in the feature also play a more and more important role.
The continuous improvement of PCB technology make panel installation terminals can carry current increase of much of what is already broke through the 110 A limit, far more than A previous product the level, this makes in the design process for exactly what kind of power use terminals to meet the system requirements this problem become more complicated. In addition, different regions of the method to measure performance parameters is different also, even for the same product of the given nominal parameter also has quite big difference. Therefore, in order to ensure the long-term reliability and low cost, to know that these differences are very important.
Engineers also must consider another often neglected factor, which marketing consideration. Usually, the terminals for users are visible, so marketing departments often hope the products in the whole system can look with the color and style match.
From the Chinese mainland terminals production enterprise the circumstance looks, the enterprise population in 300 or so, and distribution in domestic 25 provinces and autonomous regions. Among them in zhejiang and jiangsu is the most concentrated distribution of the two provinces. Compared with the foreign capital enterprise, mainland China international level manufacturer compared terminals, there is a certain gap. The products are mainly focused on the cheap, with market development potential of the chip terminals and miniature high-speed terminals, still have few enterprise can produce.
The most direct link terminals of the product is connectors, the whole world connector industry fast development situation, China is the most potential connector development of place, so directly led the Chinese terminals development potential.
In the domestic and foreign terminal market the result of joint action, China's terminal industry is booming, and gradually attract the world terminals manufacturer's investment and is currently in the terminal industry, the JITE electronic (JITE) is the leader of the terminal industry, and to the fence type terminals,