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Products laboratory

  Products laboratory   ============================================


JITE in 1996, according to the American UL, CSA standard investment of 3 million yuan RMB and set up their own products laboratory, JITE electronic quality control, the authentication, inspection center, is the present domestic terminals industry's biggest comprehensive test base.

The laboratory with all kinds of test equipment more than 40 sets, lab to the mechanical properties of the products, electrical performance and environmental performance of the three types of more than twenty test, and equipped with the most advanced international product testing system and first class equipment, of which has the world's advanced level in the laboratory and testing equipment large precision of more than 10 sets.

Lab in product development stage not only to product testing, and in batch production process will not regular spot check each performance index of the product, the product testing. Even in the process of production, to certain performance parameters, and 100% of the check. At the same time, the company sent product UL, CSA the authentication before, according to the standard product testing, after passing inspection again authentication, which can greatly shorten the product certification time, including the international market for jie export to lay the foundation.